Charlotte Henry Study Grant

Award nomination type: Self nominated

Closing date: 17.6.2023, 5PM


About the Charlotte Henry grant

Having trained as a teacher librarian, Charlotte Gilmore Henry spent much of her 35-year professional career as a librarian in public libraries at a senior level. She worked at the Maribyrnong City Council Library Service in a senior role and prior to that at Whitehorse Manningham Libraries.

In the late 2000s, Charlotte undertook studies at the Masters level at Monash University specialising in Archival systems. For her Masters, Charlotte was able to undertake research which combined her interest in the nineteenth century, in Australian history and in exploring factors which shape institutions and their evolution, with a particular focus upon cultural institutions.

Charlotte presented the findings of her research at the Libraries for the People: 11th Australian Library History Forum, at the State Library of NSW in 2014.

In memory of Charlotte, her commitment to public libraries and her focus on research, her family has established the Charlotte Henry Study Grant of $5000 per annum through ALIA, commencing 2023.

Scope, purpose and requirement

Building on Charlotte Henry’s legacy, the annual grant of up to $5000 is to enable a student to achieve more than they might otherwise be able to, by providing a financial contribution towards their study costs. Additionally, the grant is grants seeks to make a positive impact on the public library sector. Priority will be given to a student intending to make their career in public libraries.

The grant is available to students who are Australian residents and current ALIA Members. Applicants must be currently studying and ALIA accredited Masters qualification. Additionally, applicants should have successfully completed a minimum of two subjects towards the LIS Masters qualification and have completed one academic calendar year’s duration of study (either in a full or part time capacity).


Grant applicants will be required to submit an application comprising of their CV, academic transcript and short statement addressing the following criteria:


Application (Maximum 750 words)
Essential criteria
Desirable criteria

Application (Maximum 750 words)

Essential criteria

1. Describe what you will use the grant used for (its purpose) and how it will make a positive tangible impact on one or more Australian public libraries (give specific examples)

2. Briefly summarise your plans for achieving the purpose of the grant

3. Summarise how you will use the grant funds*

4. Demonstrate your current connections to public libraries

5. Describe your motivation for working in public libraries and your intention to make a career in this sector
If you are already working in public libraries, describe what motivates you about working in this field and your future career plans

Desirable criteria

6. Briefly summarise any special awards, voluntary activities or other projects that are relevant

Please send all applications for the Charlotte Henry Study Grant to [email protected]

Previous winner

2022 (inaugural) - Kaley Schelks